Long Term Personal Project: Perryville, MO. 

In 2013, I had my first glimpse at a parish picnic in Perryville, Mo. I didn’t photograph much, but I had my Nikon F3, and some Ilford HP5+ film in my camera, and opted to take a few photos in between having some amazingly inexpensive food and beer. I only took about a half of roll of film at the event specifically, but I was hooked by the community after seeing this image.


The following year (2014) I returned, and this time I photographed with my Fuji x100s in color, and got to see a tight-nit community come together once again. Still, as an outsider, I was able to utilize the quiet shutter of the camera, and it’s super small portability to my advantage. At the time, I was intensively working in digital color, and I think that is fairly easy to see in the work as well.



Additional photos from that excursion can be found via this LINK.


As I wasn’t able to attend in 2015, this year I made a concise effort to bring my camera with me. I’ve been shooting for the most part on my Bronica Gs-1, and have been trying out the Ultrafine Film. I pushed processed a few rolls to 800, from their 400 rating, but I was pretty happy overall with the way the rolls came out.












This is just a personal project for me, and I still am an outsider to the community, which I believe is reflected in the images; however I really find a special love seeing these people every year. They welcome me on each return visit, complete with kettle corn, hamburgers, and stag beer at the stands. One of the neat things about pursuing long term photography projects is that each time It’s just a little bit different. You might have a different camera, or a different kind of film, but the core of the grounds in my case have stayed relatively the same, and I look forward to seeing what the project brings in the upcoming years.