I have been in search for some inexpensive drying racks for my home processing set-up, and had a sort of lightbulb moment after seeing some mesh door screen on sale at the hardware store. I also had some stretcher bars from painting I wanted to re-purpose, so for today’s “How to” project, I’m showing you all how simple this is to do.

20160823_150311 copy

Supplies needed: Stretcher Bars, Screen Door Mesh Screen, Staple Gun, Staples.


Stretcher Bars Assembled. I had 18x24s, but you can use whatever size you have!

20160823_151851 copy

This is super simple. I just cut the mesh screen to be about 1″ bigger than the stretcher bars, and then used the staple gun to secure. (I borrowed a staple gun from my art department’s painting department)You can tighten the mesh as needed.


Finished mesh screens


Mesh Screens in their new home. These just reach where I want them to in my bathroom tub. If I get some more, I’d probably size up to 25″ or higher on my long side, just to make sure they won’t fall at any point.

Hope you all have fun with this easy project!