After an embarrassingly long hiatus, I am updating this Blog! I seemed to have been going back and forth with my old Tumblr blog, but this week, and in future, you can expect updates galore on some projects I’ve been working on.

To begin with, I’m starting first with a few images from an experiment in Color Slide Film home processing. Although e-6 processing at home can be a bit intimidating at first glance, as long as you wear gloves, and keep the chemistry at a high even temperature you should be good to go. In my case I used glass containers, and a tray with piping hot water to keep everything around 95 degrees during development.

I had been giving some old Kodak Lumiere 120 film, and Kodak Ektachrome, and decided that I wanted to not only shoot these, but process at home as well. As a photography instructor, it’s important to me to know every facet of chemical photography, so I got to work.

These initial tests were done on a somewhat wet/rainy day at the Missouri Botanical Garden. I actually find these conditions wonderful to shoot in, as there are no ‘hot spots’ that form, and the colors seem to get more of a deep saturation to them. Gives the colors a good moody feel to them.

After getting excited by the results, I’ve been slowly pecking away at the film stock, and processing at home as I go. Below are some images I shot at a summer carnival held by a local parish. In the midst of all this, I was additionally trying out a new lens as well. Holy Bokeh!

carnival016 copycarnival015 copy  carnival018 carnival014 carnival013 Carnival Season