Week 8/9- Balancing Drawing and Photo

So, I haven’t really mentioned my drawing class in a while. We are well past landscapes, and into the wonderful world of figure drawing. First, this is proving to be challenging, as I haven’t done dedicated figure drawings in years. Secondly, in a room full of drawing majors, I am slightly intimated. So, today I […]


In pure procrastination mode, I have been avoiding the blatantly obvious fact that I have a few finals due today. Instead, I have been working on other things between yesterday and today. Like this: I came up with this great process for editing photos. This entails printing my images on cheap laser copies, (after my […]

The Lomokino Files! My Lomokino Project has be re-launched, (with a new name) and I am picking up where I left off a few months ago. Time to swallow my pride, and complete my projects, no matter how long ago I stopped them! This was a unique one to shoot, as I decided to go […]