STL Protest against the Muslim and Immigration Ban

On February 5th, 2017, approximately eight hundred-one thousand Saint Louis residents joined together to show their support of the immigrants of Saint Louis, and the United States, after the recent push for a travel ban of many Muslim countries into the United States. I documented the march with my Bronica GS-1, on about 10 rolls of […]

Light Box for Alternative Processes.

For some time I’ve been looking to find a good, inexpensive way to make my own light box for alternative process use. After some cloudy days while trying to do salted paper printing and cyanotypes, and wanting more definite control over results, I decided to do some digging.    First, the realization came that photo exposure boxes […]

Adjunct Summer Vacation

Today marks the first day of my “Summer Vacation” between my spring and fall semester of teaching here in St. Louis. Rather than try to find part-time work, I really knew I wasn’t going to enjoy, I’ve pinched some pennies this past semester and will be spending the next three months developing work in Photography, […]