Started my Master Gardener training this week. This is a super intense program that will help me become more knowledgable on how to take care of plants. It is taught at the Missouri Botanical Garden, ... Read More

I created a QR code today for my contact info/website! I am hoping to create a new business card layout in the next week, along with attaching this little beauty to my resume. I am still debating if I... Read More

Ok, so day one and I up to 2,283 words. At this rate the little counter says I only have to write about 1600 words per day. I’m trying to get my thoughts together in the mean time to see what I ... Read More

I took these photo many years ago, but the thought to continue to photograph the strangers that I meet, has stayed with me. I am hoping I will be able to pursue this project as soon as more time becom... Read More